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Information Systems for a more Humane World!

May 16-19, 2022 | The Federal University of Technology – Paraná | Curitiba, Brazil

About SBSI 2022

About SBSI 2022

The Brazilian Symposium on Information Systems (SBSI) is the annual meeting of the Information Systems community of the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC). It is an event where research and practical experience are shared, and where students, researchers, professionals, and entrepreneurs meet to discuss the role of Information Systems in our organizations and in society.


The Federal University of Technology – Paraná (UTFPR), in Curitiba


Monday to Thursday
May 16-19, 2022


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Registration open for SBSI 2022 - register here.

SBSI2022 schedule

You will be able to participate in the event face-to-face,

if you come to Curitiba, or remotely by Google Meet.

Links to access Google Meet will be sent through email to all reistered participants.

Click == HERE == to gain access to the program (in Portuguese).


SBSI 2022 committee members

Conference Chairs

Program Chairs / Main Track

Emerging Themes Tracks Chairs

Tutorials Chairs

Information Systems Inovation Meeting (EISI) & Innovative IS Development Competition (CoDeSiI)

VIII Forum on Education in Information Systems (FESI)

IV Contest of Final Course Papers in Information Systems (CTCCSI) & Scientific and Technological Initiation Workshop in Information Systems (WICTSI)

XIV Workshop on Theses and Dissertations in Information Systems (WTDSI) & Thesis and Dissertations contest (CTDSI)

Information Systems Research Quality Workshop (WQPSI)

Publications Chair

Previous Issues

The Brazilian Simposium on Information Systems (SBSI) is on its 18th issue. Previous issues happened at the following cities:


Photos of the venue

Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná, Curitiba PR

UTFPR is an federal public of superior learning, it has 13 campus all over the state of Paraná. The campus located in Curitiba has three headquarters. The SBSI 2022 is going to take place at the downtown headquartes. The Bachelors Degree in Information Systems of the institucion is one of the best in the country. UTFPRE has two postgradute programs that work around the Information Systems subject: The Graduate Program in Applied Computing (PPGCA) and Postgraduate Program in Administration (PPGA).

Organização, Parceiros & Apoiadores





  • It will happen from May 16 to 19, 2022.

  • In 2022, the symposium will be hosted by the Federal University of Technology - Paraná (UTFPR), in Curitiba. It will happen in a hybrid mode, that is, even if we have face-to-face activities, there will be the possibility of participating online.

  • SBSI 2022 is being organized by the Informatics Academic Department (DAINF) of the Federal University of Technology - Paraná (UTFPR), in Curitiba.

  • Info on registration will soon be posted here.

  • The publication fee covers the costs of including the paper in a digital library (ACM Digital Library or SBC OpenLib), and the inclusion of a DOI number. If your work was accepted for the main track, you will pay a different value. because it will be published in ACM's library. Pay attention to that when you register.

    Authors will pay a fee for each accepted paper, considering that the cost of publication is per paper and not per author. However, if more than one author of the same paper register to the conference, only one of them will pay the publication fee for the paper.

  • Only one free institutional event registration will be available per institution, for SBSI authors. For example, supose three different authors from UTFPR have papers accepted to be presented at the event. Only one of them will benefit from the university's institutional exemption. All of the others follow the rules as stated in the section "Instructions for authors".

    It should be highlighted that this rule refers to paper authors, while the participants, in general, follow the institutional association rules defined by SBC (i.e., limited to 5 exempt refistrations per event). The paper publication fee is not considered for this exemption.

  • Yes. Papers accepted in the main track will be published in ACM's digital library, while other papers will be published in SBC OpenLib (SOL), with open access.


If you have any doubts, please reach us at:

Federal University of Technology – Paraná

Av. Sete de Setembro, 3165 - Rebouças, Curitiba - PR, 80230-901